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Summit Series IWB, This is our #1 selling holster. Featuring a 1.5" Tuckable overhook, .080 Kydex & a CNC CAD/CAM Design. We have made shockwaves across the industry with this holster. Versatility is limitless, designed to be a appendix modeled holster this works in all different carry positions! 


Couple the overhook with a concealment claw and you have the ultimate concealment holster! 




Featuring : 


  • Ambidextrous (Right or Left Hand)
  • Tuckable Overhook Clip
  • Height Adjustable
  • Cant Adjustable


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Just got mine today for Glock 26 gen 5. It is amazing the workmanship is top quality! Fits and looks great! Thank you Bradford Tactical Holster! Love it!!

Love it!

Make sure you get the claw attachment.

Summit AIWB

I normally wear an Eclipse Incog but recently picked up a SIG P365 and they don't make a holster for it yet. This was yhe closest holster I could find and it's a top notch holster. I swapped out the included clip for the one included with the incog and I find it perfect. A little deeper concealment than I should probably use, but no printing whatsoever. I'll check out Bradford for all future purchases. Very happy customer.

Summit Series IWB Holster

Overall I was impressed with the quality of the holster. I felt the holster was worth the price and was delivered within the time advertised. I had never used a IWB with a claw before and have mixed feelings about it. On the one had it pushes the grip of the firearm into your side for better concealment but on the other hand it is close to the grip which can impede your draw somewhat. I do wish it would have come with the hardware to be able to use the holster without the claw if you did not like it. I have adjusted the claw to be angled out more giving more space between the pistol grip and claw. The holster did have a spot on it that caused the slide to have a wear more which I was simply able to file down. I do like the location of the clip.

Great Holster!

This is a great holster with no printing, excellent quality, and the time it took from ordering to delivery was a total of 8 days! I look forward to using these guys again!

Great holster!

One of the better holsters I have purchased. The concealment claw works wonders for pushing the grip towards you. I got mine for the M&P compact 2.0 and I can wear a regular t-shirt with zero printing. I threw a sleeve on a full size mag and it still doesn't print at all. The finish and color are very consistent and have had no issues with kydex scraping off on the gun inside as some custom holsters can do. This holster is probably one of the best for this price. They shipped mine with retention tightened all the way, which was easily fixed with a screwdriver or a coin. I had a problem with the email system at first and customer service response was instant. Great product and great company, I will be ordering holsters from these guys for a while, and recommend them to my friends as well! The EDC tray I got for free with the purchase (reddit special) is pretty cool too.

Summit Series

I ordered the summit holster with specific cusimizations. When I received the holster there was a specific modification not done to the holster. I emailed the owner and he not only emailed me back promptly, but he paid for my return fee and also took care of my inconvenience to drive to the postal service by giving me money for gas. I have never experienced such loyal customer service in my life. I kept contact with the owner through email to make sure I received my holster once again. My summit holster was absolutely beautiful and fit to the specific modifications that I requested. I am a loyal customer for here on out. This product is far superior to any other kydex holster on the market. The quality, customization and customer service is the only way to go for a kydex holster. Thank you Bradford Tactical!


This is the second Summit that I have purchased from BTH, the quality is excellent and it is comfortable and secure.