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Summit Series IWB, This is our #1 selling holster. Featuring a 1.5" Tuckable overhook, .080 Kydex & a CNC CAD/CAM Design. We have made shockwaves across the industry with this holster. Versatility is limitless, designed to be a appendix modeled holster this works in all different carry positions! 


Couple the overhook with a concealment claw and you have the ultimate concealment holster! 




Featuring : 


  • Ambidextrous (Right or Left Hand)
  • Tuckable Overhook Clip
  • Height Adjustable
  • Cant Adjustable


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Summit Series

I ordered the summit holster with specific cusimizations. When I received the holster there was a specific modification not done to the holster. I emailed the owner and he not only emailed me back promptly, but he paid for my return fee and also took care of my inconvenience to drive to the postal service by giving me money for gas. I have never experienced such loyal customer service in my life. I kept contact with the owner through email to make sure I received my holster once again. My summit holster was absolutely beautiful and fit to the specific modifications that I requested. I am a loyal customer for here on out. This product is far superior to any other kydex holster on the market. The quality, customization and customer service is the only way to go for a kydex holster. Thank you Bradford Tactical!


This is the second Summit that I have purchased from BTH, the quality is excellent and it is comfortable and secure.

IWB holster, Summit Series

Everything about this holster is right. Comfort, functionality and looks great. It's low profile makes for easy concealment.

Love this holster

I definitely will be buying another but in the future I will ask for another clip to be added and more cant and possibly the soft clips.

Best Bang/Buck holster I've found!

The holster has amazing fit and finish for this price point. Very solid "click" locks the pistol in and is adjustable. Completely covers the trigger guard but is trimmed back just enough so you're not dragging your knuckles over plastic with every draw. Great clip that's slim but locks onto the belt better than any I've tried yet. The claw allows me to use my extended mag for extra rounds & better grip without sacrificing conceal-ability. Just try it! You won't be sorry.

Stellar Product

I bought several other holsters for my G43 and took them back and finally was referred to BTH. I ordered one that same day and it is phenomenal! I will be buying more for my other pistols.


Only reason I'm giving it only four stars is because I haven't had the chance to carry it for very long. Initial reaction great quality great color it's felt great the few times iv gotten the chance to carry it and I'm sure it will continue to

Great fit and finish

After scouring the market for a kydex AIWB holster, I finally decided that Bradford Tactical Holsters had all of the features that I was looking for in an AIWB holster. I purchased the SUMMIT Series Inside the Waistband holster for my Glock 26 and am extremely impressed with the fit and finish of the product. Additionally I have to say that this is probably the most comfortable holster that prints the least that I have ever purchased. The concealment claw really helps with decreasing the firearm's printing and the single belt hook makes the gun movable for those who do not carry exactly in the 12 o'clock position. I am extremely happy with the purchase and the short lead time on this product.